Examples of targeted projects

Hedge and grasscutter mowers

The new fixed displacement axial piston pump and motor has a higher output than gear pumps and motors.
This open circuit solution does not in any way restrict the use of all the machine’s accessories and avoids all the problems that may be encountered with closed circuits.

Integrated pump functions

  • Three-position electrically controlled valve with relief valve
  • Electronic control of the rotor start-up and stop ramps
  • Rotation reverse with controlled delay
  • Easy integration with the machine cabin controls
  • Auxiliary gear pump with common suction, available with either cast-iron or aluminium body



  • Reversible rotation with integral anti-shock valves
  • European and SAE standard mounting flanges
  • Side or rear inlet options
  • Compact size

Special versions

  • Hydraulic gear pumps and motors with high strength body
  • Aluminium hydraulic gear pumps and motors in two piece construction
  • Hydraulic gear pumps and motors with reduced overall dimensions
  • Hydraulic gear motors for turf care application
  • Double pumps PLP20/10 - Two pumps in a single body
  • Motor/pump group
  • Hydraulic gear pumps for engine motors