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Casappa Corp.

Casappa’s first site in the United States opened in 1993: Casappa Corporation was founded in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in a rented office of 50 square metres. There were two direct American employees.

The second site, in Batavia, in 1997, in the metropolitan area of Chicago, was still rented, and comprised of offices of 120 sq.m. and a warehouse of initially 450 sq.m., extending later to around 1000 sq.m.. The employees of Casappa Corp grew to 12, and space became limited.

As proof of the faith in the potential for growth in the USA, a new site was purchased at the end of 2004, again in the metropolitan area of Chicago. The new site is an independent factory building of 3,600 sq.m., with 400 sq.m. of offices and the possibility of expansion to 6,000 sq.m.

Sales continue to make significant gains due to customer's recognition of the value Casappa adds in both product and engineering excellence. The markets propelling growth include: turf care, crane and material handling, municipality and utility equipment, agriculture and construction.

Casappa Corp’s objective for the next few years is to continue to extend the portfolio of customers in the United States, increasing not only the number of manufacturers using Casappa components, but also increasing market coverage through an efficient distribution network.

Casappa Corp.

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