Energy saving

Fan Drive System


Reduce pollution and limit the waste of energy resources are not only economic needs, but also moral imperatives towards future generations.

For a long time Casappa has shared these values, however convinced that respect for the environment should not lead to sacrifices in terms of performance and reliability of its products.




CASAPPA hydraulic gear motors for operating cooling fans are one concrete example of integrating hydraulics and electronics.
A cooling fan featuring a hydraulic drive offers significant advantages over traditional solutions with electric or belt drives.

The advantages of an electro-hydraulic system:

  • Fan speed independent of engine speed
  • Precise controls of the coolants by means of sensors
  • The possibility of programming operating conditions
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Flexibility in the positioning of the heat exchanger
  • Reduction in the consumption of fuel and the emission of exhaust gases
  • Low noise level
  • Reversible fan drive feature allows fan to clean radiator



New CSP System

CSP is an evolution of the Load Sensing flow sharing system and it allows to manage smartly the power of the machine hydraulic system.

The Load Sensing hydraulic circuit is improved thanks to an electro-hydraulic piston pump, controlled by an integrated electronic control unit.

By managing different pump parameters, the CSP system allows energy saving, higher productivity, greater machine flexibility & controllability compared to traditional hydromechanical solutions.

The new CSP system represents a further step towards the digital transformation of the mobile machines thanks to hardware and software technological evolution.


ePump – Hardware integration:

  • MVP piston pump
  • Angular sensor
  • Pressure electronic compensator
  • Electronic control unit


2 different software logics available:

  • smartEASY
Pump control logics developed by Casappa

  • smartFULL
Pump & system control logics developed by CASAPPA and customized in cooperation with customer Ready-to-use modules